Business cards

The process is simple

The process is simple. To order business cards, you can fill out one of the below forms.

  • Select your region. Unsure of which region you belong to? Check the FAQ.
  • Fill out your details. Please ensure you fill out correctly – you alone are responsible for proving accurate information.
  • The form is sent to your regional HR representativeĀ for approvalĀ and they will send to print.
  • You will receive your business cards either to your home or your office – whichever you choose. Please allow 3-4 weeks lead time.

Select your region
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  • What if I’m working from Singapore or Australia?
    • Fill out the South Korea form
  • Why does it take three weeks to deliver?
    • HR need time to process and approve these file before handling the print production with our suppliers.
  • How can I find out the status of my order?
    • Email the regional HR representative named on the form.

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