:o9 Design Lab

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The :o9 design lab is the creative department of the organization. We take care of the brand and all related marketing communications. We’re here to support all staff in their day to day.

Our Philosophy

Humanity, creativity and empathy are at the centre of the :o9 Design Lab philosophy. We value different viewpoints and backgrounds — we understand that the best ideas can come from the most unexpected places. We share a passion for diving directly into problems and solving them collaboratively. This open way of working means we can make quality work, fast.

Our Approach

The :o9 brand is a large entity being overseen by the Design Lab. Maintaining a coherent, unified tone of voice and visual identity throughout all channels of communication is one very imporatnt aspect of what we do.

We see design as a tool for solving problems across many possible applications. We dont just want to make beautiful things that spark intregue — we strive to build functional outputs that communicate effectively and make all touchpoints with o9 as easy to use as possible.